This is the sheet i produced for my Barbara Kruger research, it felt different to my usual with the colour scheme and the broad and bold style. I tried to keep to my own feel by adding in brusho inks and ripping it through too much rolling. My main reason for loving this sheet is the texture, i like to roll the hell out of my sheets and i did this one to the point it fell apart. I tried to blow dry it so it wouldn’t remain in its soggy state and even though it dried it through i couldn’t put any research on it due to it having no shape, so i pinned it together, i really love the effect and i think it works well with the photograph and drawing of a pin. It doesn’t really fit in well with my others though which brings me to the conclusion that in my next project im going to try and vary my backgrounds and make life easier for myself by drawing on paper rather than the crumpled up mess after i’ve finished demolishing. I enjoyed looking into Barbara Kruger as her feminist views went well with my theme. I wanted to look into how things were in older times with women’s rights and feminism and how things have changed, i also like how her work links with newspapers which mark the dates over time showing how times progress.

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