moonlitsmiles said: i just realised you followed my Moonlitart blog and been looking through your work, it's so good! I don't usually pop asks into peoples ask boxes but i think some of your work is amazing aha hope you don't mind me saying so!.. :)

Sorry ive only just seen this. Ive not been on this blog in a while because i have to do an assignment one for uni. This means so so much to me and i really appreciate it. Im not too proud of my work i just did this blog to get more marks on my work but thank you so so much :) xxx

tumblr is off putting

I have logged into tumblr everyday now for about 2 weeks to catch up with my blog and then found myself on other creative blogs and becoming totally engrossed, will you people please stop dragging me into your creative goodness and let me publish?

raakvla said: woah, i really like your sketchbook!

Thank you!! It means a lot!

cheeseandhamscanwich said: Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for the follow :) I love your blog, it's really helpful to see how someone else works in their sketchbook, I struggle a bit with sketchbooks as I've only been using them since I started college but your blog has given me some new ideas to try, thank you! :) xx

Hi, you’re welcome. Thank you for checking my blog out. Thats my first ever successful sketchbook, ive never done well in them and find them really difficult, but with my determination and some inspiration from my tutor i plodded on with it and was really proud of myself. Im glad to have helped, let me know if you put any work on so i can see :) xx

tyhyin said: This seems eerily coincidental and fortuitous. You're work is really good and hit's on the things I like to do in my work. How did you come across me?

Hey there. I found you on the summer project tag, i track it and take a look at what people are doing to see if i find it interesting. I read yours and the ideas great, i followed you so i could see it in progress. Have you heard of Joseph Cornell? your work reminded me of his and Im a big fan of his work, maybe you should look into him if you have to do artist research?

whatlaurencedoes said: Here is my portfolio/blog for the finished projects, if you were interested haha :) latextilesartfurnishings (blogspot co uk)

Your work is absolutely fantastic! I’ve never seen anything like it! I love the close ups on your detail. The felting on your lamps shade is amazing, very very inspiring, ill keep an eye out for more :)

whatlaurencedoes said: I love your blog, its actually just fab. You're whole vintage idea sounds incredibly exciting! Hope it goes well for you!? :) I shall look forward to your projects :D!

Thank you ever so much, its very much appreciated :) it was really interesting to look at vintage in a different light to usual. i’ll look forward to your blog too, thank you for following :D

weareoceanic-deactivated2013080 said: hellooo, thank you for following, I love your blog, it's a real inspiration :D xx

Your welcome :D thankyou, that means alot!! im new to tumblr but im finding it really creative and helpful. xxx

This is the research leading up to my first screen design, this is to represent the things i chose to look at closely in the first part of my vintage theme. I looked at stamps, buttons, pin ups, tea cups, and street party flags, to represent vintage. I used the stamps and buttons to create a flag to represent vintage street parties. I made my pin up girl simple and bold to match my Barbara Kruger research. I sat my pin up in a tea cup to show the weird and wonderful work of Cornell and also used doilies to bring in more of his work. I brought all of this together to produce a vintage screen print.

This is the sheet i produced for my Barbara Kruger research, it felt different to my usual with the colour scheme and the broad and bold style. I tried to keep to my own feel by adding in brusho inks and ripping it through too much rolling. My main reason for loving this sheet is the texture, i like to roll the hell out of my sheets and i did this one to the point it fell apart. I tried to blow dry it so it wouldn’t remain in its soggy state and even though it dried it through i couldn’t put any research on it due to it having no shape, so i pinned it together, i really love the effect and i think it works well with the photograph and drawing of a pin. It doesn’t really fit in well with my others though which brings me to the conclusion that in my next project im going to try and vary my backgrounds and make life easier for myself by drawing on paper rather than the crumpled up mess after i’ve finished demolishing. I enjoyed looking into Barbara Kruger as her feminist views went well with my theme. I wanted to look into how things were in older times with women’s rights and feminism and how things have changed, i also like how her work links with newspapers which mark the dates over time showing how times progress.